Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to book eMO through online

ePost Office – Online Post Office from India Post

“ Postal Transactions on your desktop”

     Now , no need to go to post office to send money order to your dear ones. India post has introduced an online portal epost office system thorough which people can send money order online. This portal will also provide instant money order (iMO), sale of philatelic stamps, postal information, tracking of express and international shipments, PIN code search and registration of feedback and complaints online. 

Money order online booking Website:

How to Send Money Order Online ? - Procedure

  • Go to the Website
  • Click on Enter (on the Glass Door !!!)
  • Click on Electronic Money Order Icon
  • Click on Book Now
  • If you are already registered, enter the user ID and Password.
  • If you are a new user, Click on New user
  • For registration enter the details like username, password, name , address, PIN etc.
  • After login click on Book Now
  • Remitter name will come automatically .
  • Fill the details of “Pay to”
  • Select the standard message like Money for payment of loan etc.
  • Select Payment mode either Debit card or Credit card.
  • At present only Axis Bank Cards are accepted.
  • Click on Confirm Payment.
  • The page will redirect to Banks payment page.
  • Enter the Card Details.
  • eMO will be booked after successful payment.
What are the charges for booking eMO Online ? 

The Customer has to pay two types of charges for Booking eMO online.
  1. Regular eMO Service Charge
  2. Payment Gateway Charge.
1 Regular eMO Service Charge:

For each20 Rs Service Charge is 1 Rs. ie For 100 Rs , the Service Charge is 5 Rs only.

Complete list of Service charge for eMO

2. eMO Payment Gateway Charge.

2.0256 % of Total Money Order Amount irrespective of Credit card or Debit Card.

For eg:
If the Money Order Amount is 100 Rs, then
EMO Service Charge: 5 Rs
Payment gateway charge: 2.13 Rs
Total Amount : 100+5+2.13 = 107.13 Rs. 
Benefits of Booking Money Order online

  • No need to go to Post Office and wait in Queue !!
  • Easy to use Interface.
  • Status of transactions can be easily tracked.

Thanks to N.Sundaravadivel, ME, Arni.H.O.632301, Tiruvannamalai Dn,TN. (thro Sahuliyat)

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