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3 Basic Rules To Be safe you from Online Financial Threats

One out of all demerits of using the Internet is the issue of insecurity that has took over the World Wide Web in general, internet users can no longer be able to trust the internet in one way or the other due to the bad encounter they have experienced while using the internet. Some people have lost their properties and personal things to the internet hijackers. Internet insecurity has caused some people to live a life of shame. Some have lost all they had to the internet while others are making the laugh of their life because they are at the better side (the internet bad heads), without knowing that one day, the repercussion will come over their own head.
But, can we just admit that internet in one word is not secured to use or there is no more benefits that people can derive from using the internet? That isn’t possible, internet as a whole is still secure and it will continue to till the end of the world, but, for you to access the internet securely, it depends on how you do it and the strategies you make use of.

Most of the times, internet users are the main causes of the losses they might have encounter on the internet due to the lack of internet security knowledge. They may lack the idea or knowledge which they can use to avert those mistakes or at times due to their negligence. Some time, they just don’t think about things before they take action, they’re always in rush to do things without thinking about the end result and others. Some internet users willingly give out their personal or confidential information to others on the internet; they submit their banking details to some websites that looks good in appearance without knowing the danger that can come from that act.
Numerous websites on the net can asks for your details, but it is left on you to give them or not to give it out because, once you give it out, it is no more a personal data; it has become a general public file and if it happens that you are unlucky, hackers can hacked into the website in question and steal your data and many others even without the consent of the site administrator.
In this article, we will be talking about ways in which you can secure yourself when surfing or doing activities on the internet. Here below are the insights on how to secure yourself and properties from the hands of hackers (both online and offline).

Don’t Trust Popular Online Shopping Website With Your Information

Some big online shopping websites can ask you to remember login details for easier login (access) for the next visit because they believe that there server is secured. But, at times, hackers can break-in to thewebsite in nearby future and get your details from their database. So, you should make sure not to fall prey of this, because you will regret doing this later if it happens that hackers hacked the online shopping database.

Avoid Sharing Confidential Details On General Sites

Social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, and Myspace keeps attracting many people everyday to the internet world, the amount of social networking site users keeps increasing on a daily basis. People go there to relate with each other’s, find friends, communicate, and do many other things.
With social networking site, it is very easy for hackers to get your personal information if you shared it with the general public, even at times, your friends can be the one that will sell your information to those that will hack you (knowing or unknowingly). You must make it a priority not to share your information on socialsites for any reasons

Don’t Accept To Save Your Credit Card Details with any Internet Sites

Another mistake you shouldn’t commit on the internet with your data is to store your credit card details on a website that you use when ordering items from the internet. Majority of internet sites that offers shopping and carting stuffs sometimes, are in one way or the other incorporated with some hackers.
With all these highlight ideas, you can be able to prevent hackers from getting over to your data talk less of stealing your data.
This is a guest article from Olawale Daniel, he blogs about Technology Tips and Tricks, Home and Internet Security Tips, and Website Traffic and Promotion on His blog Easy Tips To Protect Yourself and Data Online.

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