Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Solution for adding BOs in Speed Net

Dear Sirs / Madams

Of late we have been receiving lot of requests from Circles and regions for adding Branch offices in speed net network. The provision of adding BO in Speed net Database by the Users ie Post office users was recently withdrawn and addition of BOs was done centrally at CEPT on a case to case basis basedon the request.Now 

we have exported the B.Os currently available in the latest pincode database to the Speed net Data base in the central server.

Hence the Speed net users need not take up the addition of BOs with Us. Instead they can do the following for updating their database.

The offices using Speed net may do the following.

Go to Supervisor ->Master->Offices->View Linked Offices data

In the view please see the column - Office Type.-.

a) If some BOs are already appearing then 

1. Re- install Speed Net .The latest version is available at
 (Speednet Version dated 20/05/2011)

3.Log in with the SPC user credentials.

4.Download the circle master data.

5.Update in the speed net.(Local)

This will bring the complete new list. If you do not re-install then existing BO data will get mixed up with new Office data. And it is risky.

b)If you do not see the BOs in the list then 

1.Download the Circle Office data from SPC site and upload to local
database through Communication Module.*

2. We presume you use the latest version of speed net. If not Follow
steps in a)

Kindly pass on this instruction to all the Speed net offices.

With Regards
PTC Mysore

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