Friday, July 15, 2011

Committee on Mail Network Optimization

Subject: - Secretary (P) s meeting with Postal Joint Council of Action on 27.06.11, 29.06.11, 30.06.11 and 01.07.2011. Item No. 1-dealing with Mail Network optimization Project- Constitution of a Committee.
D.,G.Posts No. 08/-9/2011-SR Dated 12/07/ 2011
Item No. 1 of the Charter of Demands served by Joint Council of Action alongwith the notice of threatened strike w.e.f. 05.07.2011, dealing with Mail Network Optimisation Project, was discussed at length in various meetings taken by Secretary (Posts)/Member (Operation). In the wake of the above discussions, the competent authority has decided to constitute a Committee with the following composition
Official Side
Staff Side
Member (Operation)- Chairman
Secretary General NFPE -Member
CPMG Rajasthan Circle-Member
Secretary General FNPO- Member
2. The Committee will review the mail arrangement made as sequel to creation of Speed Post Hubs which, as represented by Staff Side are causing delay as compared to the position prevailing earlier. The Committee will also review the formation of L-I & L-II in regards to 1st Class mails.
3. The Committee will submit its report within one month of its formation.

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