Sunday, July 03, 2011

Discussions about System Administrator

Gist of settlement & Charter of Demands regarding System Administrator

Demand No. 6
Immediate finalization of Cadre Restructuring proposals including Postal Accounts as assured by the Secretary Department of Posts and its implementation.
  • Cadre review proposals including the system Administrators will be finalized before 31.08.2011. Committee will be reconstituted with DDG (P) as chairman. For Postal Accounts problems separate meeting was held and the minutes will be issued separately. First sitting up of the Postal Accounts cadre restructuring committee will be held on 05.07.2011.
Demand No. 10
10. Drop the proposed move of ending the services of existing System Administrators by outsourcing the technology work to the outsider agencies. Create the System Administrators Posts as assured with specified norms and other works and make the cadre as a promotional cadre to PA/SA.
  • This will be considered in the cadre review committee. Formal Proposal will be made before 31.08.2011. Regarding conveyance allowance, order have been issued.

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