Friday, October 17, 2014

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Brothers and Sisters,

Very warm wishes on coming festival seasons. I hope and pray to God that coming festivals are bring health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in your life always.

We are talking since very long.

I take this opportunity on the 60th year completion of NFPE and celebration of its Golden Jubilee year. I think now the time has come to discuss all of you with some thoughts which are on my mind since very long.

As all of you know that we are attached with the No. 1 service union of Postal Employees in respect of members as well as its activities/role in All India Level considering its past glorious history. We are seen that many staff related issues are taken up and discussed with central level as well as local level. You can stay updated and get the details about our union activities from our website or our CHQ website time to time.

But while observing our position in Divisional Level, there is lot of questions are on mind due to this I feel very nervous. At present there are 60 to 70% employees are the members of our service union, out of which 20 to 30% are younger one. But it is very painfully intimated that their participation in union activities is near about zero. They even feel lazy to spare a day or few time for union activities. They can also put up a reason that there was no any invitation from Secretary or any union representative to me for a meeting even they know the actual date or venue of meeting.

But we can see from the activities of our rival unions, that they are less in numbers but their all members can take active part in all their union activities resulting they are united and connected with each other. Their younger force is in action always and trying to invite/attract our members to join them.

It is also observed that many of us saying that what is the need of the union, I can do my work on my own or some of the members remember the union leaders whenever some attack from the administration side over them such as on deputation or transfer.

Friends, recall your days when you have joined to this Department and find out the reason why you have attached with this union and also think what you have given to the union since then.

Now you can see that many of our senior members are going to retire in one or two years and thereafter only we the younger members are left only to fight with the administration. But you can see from our union’s past history that fight with the administration is not the easier task and it is not the responsibility of the Secretary or the union executive alone to fight with the administration without the support of its members.

I have tried on many occasions to get united all of you, but I think I am failed on this issue as no any positive responses are received from your end. My many friends are always put their personal reasons for non attending or conducting any program. Due to this I feel helpless.

Friends, now this is the last opportunity or say a last wake up call for all of us. NOW YOU HAVE TO DECIDE WHAT IS OUR ROLE IN UNION IN FUTURE. We can do a lot of things for upgradation of our union by taking active part or giving our active support forgetting all our personal problems, issues or even our EGO without invitation.

We have decided to organized a Technolgy workshop on 6th November 2014 for discussing the present scenario in our Department, our role in technology implementation. Also a seminar is organized for new recruited candidates to know the history of our union, the capabilities and limitations of the union.

On this occasion I am inviting all of you to spare your valuable few hours from your personal time to share your thoughts, opinions, experiences with us.

I therefore sincerely request all of you to take active part on 6th November 2014 for the workshop.

Please convey my thoughts and regards to all our members.

I am expecting a line of reply from your end.

Feel free to write anytime on


Yours faithfully
V. K. Kapse
Contact – 9423125238

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